Airbnb security concerns for Hosts

Airbnb is still growing strong

Since their launch in 2008 Airbnb has maintained consistently large adoption rates for their model of lodging, by both facilitators and users. In the span of only a year, hosts have grown by 1 million with a total of 6-7 million globally (Airbnb, May-2019).

At the core, it can be seen that the dual benefits of affordability and flexibility are behind the high adoption rates.

Further, situational circumstances can generate oppportunies for both parities, particularly when their is accomodation scarcity from large regional events or from simply being in a popular location. Another common reason for using the service is the ability to travel with your pets. AirBNB is consistently becoming an attractive option for short-term accommodation.

Should AirBNB Hosts be more concerned over security?

If you find yourself thinking about becoming a host or are a host and haven’t thought of the potentiality for something going wrong then now is the time to start considering your options.

A recent and slightly extreme example of a security issue involved a rented Airbnb location in Orinda California, where multiple people were shot. Yes, this is an extreme example, but it could have been avoided regardless of the severity.

The company itself seems to advocate a strong policy towards safety for it’s hosts and users. Airbnb have also recently launched new safety mechanisms to support against ‘unauthorized parties or disturbances’ (Airbnb Dec-2019). Such mechanisms include:

  • Property verification via geolocation data and photographic proof;
  • Guest guarantee if the listing doesn’t meet certain standards;
  • A 24/7 neighbourhood hotline; 
  • Manual screening of high-risk flagged reservations 

What can you as an Airbnb host do about safety?

  1. Ensure all your locks are in working order. Especially with increased usage, an average locks lifespan is approximately 7 years.
  2. Install a security screen to beef up your defences and further deter the thought of intrusion.
  3. Consider going keyless! Remove the hassle and security concern of leaving a key or multiple keys out for guests. 

Is it worth changing to a Keyless locking system?

Depending on your chosen electronic lock, you may have the ability to have automated passcodes upon booking confirmation, timed passcodes, cancelled access with a booking cancellation, multiple codes to accommodate multiple users (eg. cleaners), remote host lock access, as well as other features that improve the ease of your home security. 

John Barnes Locksmith may be able to help you with your security needs if you plan to invest in a new lock system for your Airbnb rental. Give us a friendly call on 07 3275 8888 today.