Panic Exit Devices enable and ensure a clear exit pathway in case of emergency
Panic Exit Devices a.k.a Panic Bars or Crash Bars

Benefits of Installing Panic Exit Devices

Security is always one of the top priorities if not the number one concern for big organisations and corporations. 

That is why the majority of shopping centres, movie theatres, commercial buildings, schools, hotels and stadiums (to name a few), install Panic Exit Devices on exit doors - to enable and ensure a clear exit pathway in the case of emergency.

Panic Exit Devices

These devices consist of a spring-loaded metal bar which is horizontally installed across the inside of a door. Also known as Panic Bars or Crash Bars, installation of Panic Exit Devices especially in populated buildings brings many benefits: 

1. Aid Evacuation Process

The number one benefit of these devices is safety - panic bars streamline the evacuation process whether it is a genuine emergency or a normal situation. When an emergency happens, most people panic and run to the exit - so when the panic bars are pushed it allows the door to open outwards for easier and faster evacuation.

As these devices are installed on the inside of building doors, they provide extra security as no one can obtain access to the facility from outside - creating a one-way organised safety exit.

Panic exit devices offer an effective way of evacuating a building in case of an emergency 

2. Save Life

Building and property managers have an obligation to seek options in increasing the security of their corporate buildings or work facilities. Installing panic exit devices in commercial facilities and accommodation blocks is a practical and beneficial solution to preventing loss of life in case of tragedies.

Popular choices are panic bars - it is economical, a sturdy device all-around and with other installations of smoke alarms, fire extinguisher, sprinkler systems and the like, it could possibly help with reducing insurance premiums.

3. Alarms for Extra Caution

These devices come with an option for the addition of a fully fitted alarm system - for various purposes including notifying management of any unauthorized entrance/exit as well as providing a clear and loud indicator to patrons in case of emergency.

Exit devices are extremely effective - but ensure you procure proper installation from an Accredited Master Locksmith.

4. Various Options and Affordability

Panic bars are relatively inexpensive when you calculate the total cost of insuring and boosting the security of your properties/buildings - they come in a variety of options and are suitable for single and double doors. There are also many price options depending on the size of your properties, but rest assured John Barnes will be of great assistance in supplying the right product based on your requirements and budget.

Life-saving devices such as crash bars need to be installed correctly to ensure proper operation, avoid going to the cheapest option and always put safety first.

It's time for a security audit and analyse your building's evacuation protocol - being prepared for emergency situations is paramount to the safety of everyone involved. 

We have constructed and delivered various architectural hardware and security systems for federal and high-clearance facilities, commercial premises and residential buildings - servicing Queensland families, businesses and the Australian government for more than 50 years.

Have a chat with us to discuss your Panic Exit Device requirements - one of our Architectural Hardware representatives will be happy to discuss your specific requirements, supply and installation process and arrange a quote.