Master Key System is great solution for commercial security concerns

Commercial Security Needs - The Master Key System

Security risks, different access level, quantity, management and distribution of keys are normal assessments made when evaluating commercial keying and security requirements.

Business owners, body corporates, property managers, landlords and the likes face similar dilemmas in assessing their locksmithing and security needs. Surprisingly, a Master Key System is often overlooked when it could be the perfect solution for all aforementioned issues.

Master Key System

Master keying is a term used for a method of controlled keying, essentially a hierarchy of keys. For example, a number of doors have keys to work each door only and one key which will work all the doors. 

There are various access levels of keying within the many master keying platforms available. This allows for restriction of unauthorised access to certain areas as personnel may hold a key that will only access their office whilst managers may hold a master key allowing access to all areas. 

Benefits of a Master Key System

  1. Minimise Security Risk
    • Different access level is imperative to minimising security risks - entry access can be controlled thus specific access can be granted to the relevant personnel to allow flexibility and management control.
  2. Use of Security Blanks
    • A Master Key System or restricted keying system incorporates the use of security key blanks which are specifically designed keys that could only be copied from the Locksmith who designed the system.
  3. Patent Protected
    • Security key blanks are patent-protected, meaning that key manufacturers are barred from producing duplicates of the design.
    • Locks are also more secure as restricted keyway diminish the chances of accidental opening with the wrong key.
  4. Dynamic and Convenient Security Management
    • The ѕуѕtеm аllоws logistics and ownership of keys to be recorded in a mаnnеr thаt іѕ efficient, еаѕіlу іntеrрrеtеd, and removing the possibility of unauthorised key duplication.
    • A well-planned Master Key System should be adaptable to your business' needs over time - ensure this is the case by getting your system designed and installed by a qualified Master Locksmith.

Consideration Before Installing a Master Key System

  1. Categorize Key Holders
    • How many different types of keys needed could be discovered by categorising key holders (people in your building) into groups. These groups should reflect the access level they are assigned to - which will indicate which door(s) each key will operate.
  2. Keep It Simple
    • Having less key groups means your system is more flexible - after assigning groups of key holders, have a revision to see if there is a possibility to combine 2 groups into one. Merging 2 key groups allows key holders access to more doors (usually including access to areas that they would not normally use). 
    • Make sure these groups are only combined if it will not compromise your security.
  3. Think Forward
    • Keep one eye on the future when you are discussing the design with your locksmith. Your Master Key System planning should consider how many different types of keys will be needed currently and it should accommodate additional keys/locks required in the near future.

Keying systems range in levels of security from standard key profile systems to highly restricted systems requiring authorisation for obtaining additional keys. 

Key control is the primary aspect of your security solutions. If you can’t control who can copy your keys, you can’t control your security.

Procuring a restricted keying system from John Barnes gives you the security of knowing that your keys cannot be duplicated by anyone, and keys can only be issued by our company upon stringent authorisation being received from you.

John Barnes employs SCEC approved locksmiths with government security clearance. Our Master locksmiths and security personnel are all fully-licensed and possess the experience, knowledge, capabilities, and resources to fully-securing Australian homes and businesses.

We have constructed and delivered various keying systems for federal and high-clearance facilities, commercial premises and residential buildings - servicing Queensland families, businesses and the Australian government for more than 50 years.

Have a chat with us to discuss your requirements as our experienced personnel can assist you in designing, developing, installing and maintaining a secure Master Keying System to ensure that your facility is protected.