Electronic Key Management System will alleviate a lot of key management problems

Commercial Security Tips: Electronic Key Management Systems

For big organisations, key management could be a nightmare if not properly managed.

Many-a-times, commercial security at huge magnitude involves multiple layers of security levels with higher scrutiny about keys distribution and recovery. 

In the last blog, we have already shared some tips on Maintaining a Secure Master Key System - but for massive institutions with higher security concerns such as universities, hospitals, councils, prisons, and the likes, keeping a logistic record manually could be a tricky and arduous task. 

Electronic Key Management System

Many people are accustomed to the standard type of key cabinet which is perfectly fine for small organisations who want to store their key(s). This is not the optimal solution for larger businesses as this type of key boxes and key cabinets are a purely storage-only option and do not provide total key control.

As smart devices have been embedded in many aspects of our lives, becoming the norm of any business daily operations and also in our general living, an Electronic Key Management System is one of the latest security smart devices to manage your Master Key System.

Electronic Security

Data breaches of sensitive data are on the rise, usually involving the break-in of a building and/or theft of physical data. An unauthorised individual could have access (or forced access) to unsecured areas such as filing stores or server rooms, where sensitive data could easily be stolen or downloaded with criminal intentions. 

The installation of an Electronic Key Management System will make controlling and managing key logistics much easier. In the above example of data theft, the safety and integrity of any stored sensitive information can be swiftly ensured, as access to these areas is easily restricted. Other benefits of the system include: 

  • Prevention of unauthorised key access,
  • Provide custom user access to specific keys,
  • Allocate timeframes for removal, use and return of keys, 
  • Prevent loss/misplacing of keys,
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual recording of key transactions,
  • Generate tailored reports to track the issuing and return of keys, and
  • Management of keys for commercial fleet vehicles.

Total Control

Electronic Key Management Systems are all supported by the latest software technology allowing for remote communication with the key safe. Via a central control of the software, it enables the administrator to change users, key access, release keys remotely and generate custom reports without leaving their office.

Each key position has a unique identity which allows the cabinet to determine its location within the cabinet. Keys are secured on a tamper-proof key ring and users are assigned a pin or access card, depending on cabinet type, to allow them access only to the keys that they are authorised to.

This will then allow live update about any key; when it has been taken, the time that the key was taken, by whom and when returned, and if overdue. At any time, you can instantly access live information on any key or user - making it easy to add or delete a user or modify key access.

The system will drastically reduce the time needed to manually allocate keys to staff or contractors. On-site delays for tradespeople will be cut while total control and accountability of your security are still maintained. If a key goes missing, a quick report from the management system will provide you with information of the responsible key holder, again saving time for key recovery. Employees and contractors will also appreciate how easy it is to access keys as the requested key is illuminated for ease of retrieval.

Key control is the most important aspect of your security - if you can’t control your keys, you can’t control your security

In these modern days, any business should embrace efficiency through the latest technology - and an Electronic Key Management System will deliver various operational and physical security benefits for your organisation.

We have constructed and delivered various electronic key management systems for federal and high-clearance facilities, commercial premises and residential buildings - servicing Queensland families, businesses and the Australian government for more than 50 years.

Have a chat with us to discuss your requirements as our experienced personnel can assist you in designing, developing, installing and maintaining a secure Master Keying System with Electronic Key Management System to ensure that your facility is fully protected.