We can provide smart and simple solutions to contain fire, smoke and sound that meet the compulsory requirements and legislation

Door and Window Seal - The Smart and Simple Solution

Whether it's a new residential house, a commercial building or a Government premise; Door Seals and Window Seals are the most often overlooked feature towards the completion of an establishment.

Organisations and even private parties will often spend thousands of dollars on Electronic Access Control System and High-Security Keying Systems (and rightly so), but doors and window seals are not considered priority when they actually do assist in amplifying the integrity of a building.

Door/Window Seals & Building Code of Australia

While the security systems and door access hardware protect against unauthorised entry and increase safety measures, door and window seals are available in a variety of options that suit a range of applications. These involve providing safety and comfort through sound, smoke and fire hazard.

Building regulations outlined by the National Construction Code was developed to incorporate all on-site construction requirements into a single code – the Building Code of Australia (BCA). The BCA covers various areas across commercial classes of buildings which directly relate to the use of quality door and window seals including:

  • Acoustic insulation for the containment of sound,
  • Fire resistance,
  • Smoke control,
  • Weather exclusion,
  • Energy conservation.

Below are some of the most common and important types of seals that should be in your consideration:

Common Types of Window/Door Seals

Perimeter Seals

Door/Window Perimeter Seals

Functionality: Sealing the perimeter of doors/windows, providing ideal smoke and acoustic seals for single action doors and providing barriers to airborne sound.


Door Bottom Seals

Door Bottom Seals

Functionality: Sealing the gap between the bottom of a door and floor.


Threshold Plates and Ramp

Door Threshold Plates Ramp

Functionality: Used in conjunction with Door Bottom Seals to help prevent rain infiltration, draught and smoke penetration.


Astragal Meeting Stile Seals

Door/Window Astragal Stile Seals

Functionality: Seals the vertical meeting stile of a pair of doors providing an excellent acoustic, smoke, light, dust and weather seal.

John Barnes & Co (QLD) Pty Ltd can provide smart and simple solutions to contain fire, smoke and sound in buildings that meet the compulsory requirements and legislative standards. 

We are able to source a solution ideal to suit any commercial premise from high-rise complexes, health or educational facilities and particularly for those buildings in bush-fire prone areas and facilities looking to gain energy efficiencies. We stock a comprehensive range of Architectural Door Seals, Intumescent Fire Dampers and various access hardware.

Have a chat with us to discuss your requirements as our experienced personnel can assist you in designing, developing, installing window and door seal solutions - we offer complete, integrated and cost-effective solutions for your project.