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Modern Locksmith and Security

Lack of public awareness has lead to the common misconception about what a locksmith does. Most people only associate locksmith to repairing locks and cutting keys.

Modern Locksmith

These days, a locksmith performs a wide range of security services - ranging from setting up electromechanical security solutions at a Government facility, facilitating the installation of a secure safe in a commercial premise, to implementing high-security keying systems for high rise apartments.

What is expected of a locksmith and the skillsets required have changed dramatically from the days of the 'traditional locksmith'. Rules and regulations in the locksmith and security industry are also constantly evolving, as the responsibilities and scale of jobs performed by a locksmith are getting more prominent with a lot more at stake.


Be very mindful of whom you are trusting to solve your security issue, please ensure that you obtain the service of a qualified locksmith. A licensed and fully certified locksmith is qualified to provide you with security advice and solutions. Either it's a CCTV installation or a master key system issue, a locksmith could assess your property and then suggest to you a few alternatives in tackling the problem.

A qualified locksmith also possesses ample of industry knowledge and experience. For example, the locksmith would identify the types of security devices that comply with the Australian Building Code and Australian Standards practise. 

Locksmiths can also access patented security key systems, where a purpose-built security system can be installed allowing for a whole range of scenarios including access permissions, date/time access control, key expiry and more.

A fully licensed locksmith that holds appropriate industry certificates has access to patented security system - a defining feature that separates a 'proper' locksmith from your everyday 'handyman'. With all that said, here is a list of top services performed by locksmiths:

Bear in mind this is not an exhaustive list as the profession of locksmiths is ever-changing. What remains constant is the need for top-notch security across properties, be it for your home or your business, to remain safe and secure. 

A modern locksmith is more than someone who just repairs keys - there is so much more to locksmithing in these modern times; a locksmith can assist you with almost all of your security needs.

John Barnes employs SCEC approved locksmiths with government security clearance, and our quality management system is ISO 9001 Certified. We take pride in providing the first-class service that all our clients deserve.

Our Master locksmiths and security personnel are licensed and possess the experience, knowledge, capabilities, and resources to fully-securing Australian homes and businesses. John Barnes has been proudly servicing Queensland families, businesses and the Australian government for more than 50 years.