Safes and Security

Security has become an important necessity for Australian household and businesses.

With a wide range of security safes currently on the market, it could be overwhelming for you to make a choice that will benefit your business. Remember that a security safe is a long-term investment that will provide you with a peace of mind.

Secure Safes

Fundamental questions need to be answered to determine the correct safe to meet your commercial security needs:

  • What is the total value of the goods that you intend to store in the safe?
  • Are you protecting your valuables against theft, fire or any other unpredictable elements?
  • What size does the safe need to be to adequately store them?
  • Where will the safe be installed?

There are more issues that need to be addressed, as each situation is unique. If you are investing in a safe, obtain professional advice from a qualified locksmith and obtain the service of a proper safe installation. Safe installation is as important as the safe itself!

Cash Ratings

All safes are rated by the manufacturers with a ‘cash rating’ which indicates the quality of a particular safe.  

This rating is determined by a number of factors, for example, the thickness of the walls and door, the complexity of the locking system and fire resistance. The higher the cash rating a safe has, the more the secure it will be.

In saying that, the rating only applies if the safe has been installed correctly - usually by an accredited Master Locksmith that will follow strict installation process - and installed according to the recommendations of the manufacturer. Safe designs and quality have a wide range from those:

  • Compact enough for secure storage of smaller items such as laptops, phones, tablets and handheld devices/gadgets; 
  • Fire-resistant safes for the protection of classified documents, certain amounts of cash and jewellery;
  • High-security TDR (torch and drill resistant) safes with heavy duty locking systems including automatic glass relockers; to
  • Dedicated safe designs for the storage of firearms, drugs and data storage.

John Barnes employs SCEC approved locksmiths with government security clearance, and our quality management system is ISO 9001 Certified. We take pride in providing the first-class service that all our clients deserve.

Our Master locksmiths and security personnel possess the experience, knowledge, capabilities, and resources to design and install customised security safe solutions. We have constructed and installed various designs and types of security safes for government facilities, commercial premises and residential buildings - have a chat with us to discuss your specific requirements to get the best safe that is perfect for your needs.