180 Brisbane by Daisho - Skyscraper & Commercial High-Rise


Brisbane, Queensland


Daisho Co. Ltd

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Completed May 2018
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Daisho Co. Ltd is an international property developer headquartered in Japan, with offices across the Asia Pacific in Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.


John Barnes Locksmiths, in collaboration with the national construction company, Watpac; was tasked with the supply and installation of door furniture and associated architectural hardware. Our responsibilities included reviewing all door hardware and finishes required and ensure they were incorporated with the doors and frames as per drawing details, specification and schedules.

This is on top of designing and constructing a highly-complex restricted GGGMK (Great Great Grand Master Key) system for the commercial high-rise which we also continue to maintain.


We supplied and installed various security, door and associated commercial hardware products, of trusted and quality brands, including:


  • Legge 990 series mortice locks with 6000 series door furniture
  • Briton 5000 series floor spring/door closers and door selector
  • Ives auto flush bolts
  • Sundry items such as bolts, specialty hinges, pivot hinges, door stops and more


  • Range of door seals including automatic door bottom seals, intumescent fire and smoke seals, perimeter seals, threshold plates and ramps to ensure that the required acoustic rating was achieved

In addition, our special keying personnel designed and constructed a highly complex restricted Abloy Protec GGGMK (Great Great Grand Master Key) system consisting of over 100 individual key codes under several levels of master keying.

Abloy Protec cylinders were used for the Restricted Keying System designed to incorporate an adjoining property which currently has an outdated keying system. The upgrade work was carried out meticulously, level by level with an ongoing maintenance contract in place.


180 Brisbane was a rewarding and challenging project with the desired outcomes achieved in accordance with the requirements of the contract.

John Barnes Locksmith is proud to have been involved in the fit-out of the 34-storey 152-metre skyscraper, a true landmark in Brisbane's CBD (Central Business District) area.