Brisbane Hospitals


Herston, Queensland


Queensland Health


2011 - 2013
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Queensland Health is a department of the Government of Queensland which operates and administers the state's public health system.


Queensland Health elected John Barnes to be a part of the major redevelopment program of the largest hospital in Queensland - The Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital which has 986 beds and is the largest hospital in Queensland.


The major redevelopment program involved 2 important clinical units, several research institutes' buildings (including QIMR Medical Research Insitute and University of Queensland's Clinical Research Centre), and also other hospital services buildings.

In this largest hospital redevelopment in Australia's history, John Barnes proceeded to advise on security options available; and later supplied and installed door furniture, door hardware, washroom hardware, and a fully serviced master key security system.


We translated our massive experience and vast expertise in the industry to finish ahead of the tight deadline and achieve their desired targets.

Our top-notch skills and reliability were paramount to this project that requires the highest of standards. Working proactively with our clients achieves a great outcome for all major projects of this scale.