Treasury Casino


Brisbane CBD


Star Entertainment Group


2008 - 2010
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Star Entertainment Group is one of Australia's largest gaming and entertainment groups that owns and operates three major Australian casinos and hotels.


Our client wanted a locksmithing and security solutions for the Treasury Casino that presented a unique challenge; modern functionality with the finesse of being one of Queensland's grand heritage buildings.

Another challenge was to design and install a maximum security system in an industry where security is of the highest order.


John Barnes provided a highly-customised locksmithing and security solutions that fully satisfied our clients.

We provided a wholesome service - supplied all the hardware, designed and created high-security system fit for a world-class casino, and installed secure safes in the facility. 


Treasury Casino was jubilant with the outcome we produced.

John Barnes was honoured with the right to handcraft the ceremonial brass key for the official opening of the casino, along with similar keys given as gifts to the treasury of the day and the first ever customer.

This ceremonial brass key is now on display at the Queen Street Entrance to the Treasury Casino and stands as a proud thank you and tribute to John Barnes's state-of-the-art work.