Since the inception of John Barnes & Co (QLD) Pty Ltd (John Barnes) in 1966, the mantra has always been to be the locksmith that focuses on the clients' needs.

Over more than 50 years, the company has grown to its current good standing and leading authority in the locksmithing and security hardware industries on principles of trust, integrity, honour and their attainment of high-quality standards and services.

John Barnes hence conducts all business activities in a manner consistent with the following principles which are reflected in our purpose, vision and values:


John Barnes is always committed to deliver valued benefits to our clients through informing and advising them on quality products and services that best suit their needs and budget.

We provide assistance in events of emergency in a timely manner and deliver quality products and services in our fields of general locksmith services, mobile locksmiths, commercial locksmith services, estimating and the provision of security solutions, architectural door hardware, and washroom equipment.


To continuously improve, sustain and be accountable for the delivery of quality service and products to our clients, present and in the future.


Here at John Barnes, we believe in:

  • Maintaining trusted relationships with all John Barnes clients, staff and stakeholders
  • Delivering quality service and being accountable at all times for the service provided
  • Behaving at all times with honesty, integrity and respect for those we come in contact with
  • Supporting and developing John Barnes employees
  • Encouraging continuous improvement through innovation and training.

Sustainability Commitment

  1. Sound corporate activities

    • John Barnes is committed to ensuring that our business is conducted in all respects according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards; and to earn the trust of stakeholders from clients, shareholders, employees, business partners to communities.
    • We maintain constructive relationships with administrative bodies, remaining politically neutral and complying with laws, legislation and regulations; and will not engage in relationships with individuals or groups that threaten social order or safety.
  2. Provision of valuable goods and services

    • John Barnes will provide valuable security solutions, hardware products, and locksmithing services with superior quality and safety to the community, endeavouring to boost satisfaction and trust of clients.
  3. Respect for human beings

    • John Barnes respects diversity and individual human rights and provides a healthy and safe working environment in which all persons receive fair treatment without discrimination.
    • We also respect fundamental human rights and workers’ rights.
  4. Protection of natural environment

    • John Barnes will proactively work to protect natural environment - to reduce carbon footprint by reducing consumption of resources such as paper, electricity, water, metals, fuel, cardboards, and electronics.
    • We aim to recycle used resources where possible in support of a greener Earth.
  5. Responsibility to the community

    • John Barnes respects the cultures and practices of all employees, customers and shareholders; and proactively engages in activities that contribute to the community as a whole.
    • We deliver this by donations of monetary or goods to a selection of charitable organisations and other local community groups as deemed fit.
  6. Socially responsible behaviour with the supply chain

    • John Barnes' major suppliers are those that offer transparent sustainability reporting and are signatories to the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative.
    • We also select companies with memberships in globally recognised building certificates encouraging green building. We encourage socially responsible behaviour within its supply chain at all times.
  7. Transparent operating activities

    • John Barnes communicates extensively with clients, shareholders, employees, business partners and communities; and discloses business information in a professional, timely and fair manner.
  8. Responsibility of top management

    • Top management and employees in managerial positions within each department, must understand that they play a primary role in fulfilling the spirit of this our Corporate Social Responsibility. In addition to leading by example, they must ensure this policy is disseminated, or there is access to the Policy for everyone in their departments.
    • Management must always strive to understand the opinions of those both inside and outside of John Barnes to develop a sound internal framework that ensures the spirit of this Policy is upheld.
    • Should any incident occurs and violates this Policy, top management will demonstrate determination to solve the problem, identify the cause and prevent its recurrence. They will uphold information disclosure and accountability obligations in all areas and will clarify the authority and responsibility of each manager and employee. This will lead them to deal rigorously and objectively with all people involved in the matter, including top management.
  9. Health and Safety

    • John Barnes is committed to providing a working environment which is both safe and fit for intended purposes and ensures that health and safety issues are a priority for all business operations at all time.