John Barnes is a major Door Hardware Accessories, Washroom Equipment & Security Solutions Supplier to the Australian Government, Commercial building projects and Private contracts throughout Queensland.

Getting that right price can either make or break a project and at John Barnes, we understand that budgets are very important.

Our Estimating and Quotation Team

Our first class Estimating and Quotation team provides competitive quotations and tenders for the supply of Architectural Door Hardware Accessories and Commercial Washroom Equipment to major Commercial projects and Private contracts throughout Queensland, Northern New South Wales and wider Australia.

We utilise our bespoke in-house proprietary software - which is purposely designed to detail client’s requirements and provide products to your individual door-by-door specification. 

Let our expert staff take the worry out of your next project.

Once a quotation is accepted the project is delegated to one of our experienced project administrators who will oversee the project from procurement of product to packaging and delivery to comply with on-site programs. 

Please send all tender documents to [email protected] or