John Barnes boasts a vast client base including customers from Private, Commercial and the Australian Government.

Our vast experience in a diverse range of projects has given us the knowledge to secure various premises no matter how big or how small. We cover large aspects of Keying Systems including:

  • Quality advice on security options
  • Design and construction of restricted master keying systems
  • Installation and maintenance of keying systems
  • Range of security products and restricted key profiles
  • Secure storage options

Our Keying System Management Team

A properly designed and maintained Master Key System is essential to ensure any buildings having the desired level of security without compromising or disturbing the building's functionality.

Master keying systems work in providing different levels of access whilst reducing risks involved with issuing a large number of keys.

Our Keying System Management team designs Customised Security Solutions; from High-Security Master Keying Systems, Fully Restricted Key Control, to Electronic Access Control Systems for government, commercial and residential buildings.

With our latest computerised software, no security system solution is beyond our reach. John Barnes provides all necessary services to help you design and implement a new master key system, or maintain and expand an existing master key system.