John Barnes Projects - Doors Installation & Door Hardware Supply
John Barnes Projects - Doors Installation & Door Hardware Supply


Commercial Doors Installation & and Door Hardware Supply

John Barnes Projects Pty Ltd (JBP) was established in 2005 after it was recognised that there was insufficient experience in the Coordination and Management of Doors and Door Hardware in the industry.

We also aim to enhance our hardware supply by providing a holistic service to supply and install doors in addition to the door and associated hardware.

John Barnes Projects

John Barnes Projects provides Overall Project Installation from Estimating, Fittings & Delivery - our services include: 

  • Supplying the doors and sundry hardware
  • Taking receipt of the doors
  • Painting top and bottom as required
  • Hoisting door to the correct location and hang the door 
  • Fitting extras such as handles, locks and signage

The doors and related accessories are fitted by our Qualified Installers & Door Technicians who possess years of experience and are familiar with the different types of hardware. The door will then be left for painting, or as per agreement before commencement of the project.


The main benefit will be that the door hardware is not delivered and left on site unattended. It is brought to your site at the time of installation. Benefits include:

  • Decreases the chance of loss, theft or damage to the hardware and incorrect installation.
  • Reduces cost as all hardware is under our total control, meaning there are no shortages, incorrect goods, faulty installation, or a pile of hardware left over at the end of a project requiring a credit on completion.
  • Reduces time as principal contractors will not need personnel dedicated to the coordination between door hardware supply and installation, nor will they need to deal with all the issues that come with that trade package as John Barnes Projects Pty Ltd undertake that managing role.  
  • Our rates quoted will include both supply and the installation component which makes tracking of total costs and variations simple!
  • Our installers are qualified carpenters who have been in the door and hardware industry for many years and are familiar with the different types of hardware and their intended application and function. 

John Barnes Projects Pty Ltd is a leader in their field as they manage all the works - from hanging the doors and frames to the installation of door and associated hardware. 

You can be assured that all hardware is supplied and installed correctly by qualified personnel which has proven to eliminate potential problems. Since the commencement of trading, John Barnes continues to successfully complete a diverse range of commercial and governmental projects, including Suncorp Stadium, Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, 180 Brisbane and more.


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