Our experienced technicians can assist you in designing, developing and maintaining a Secure Master Keying System to ensure that your facility is solidly protected.

John Barnes' vast experience and expertise in the industry allows us to provide recommended High-Security Keying Systems tailor-made to suit all your requirements. Keying systems range in levels of security; from standard key profile systems to highly restricted systems requiring authorisation for obtaining additional keys.

Procuring a Restricted Keying System from John Barnes gives you the security of knowing that your keys cannot be duplicated by anyone, and keys can only be issued by us upon stringent authorisation.

Key control is the primary aspect of your security solutions. If you can’t control who can copy your keys, you can’t control your security.


Levels of Master Key Systems

Master keying is a term used for a method of controlled keying. For example, a number of doors have keys to work on each door only and one key which will work all the doors. 

There are many different types of master keying systems and levels of keying:

  • Level 1: Keyed Alike System (KA)

  • Level 2: Master Key System (MK)

  • Level 3: Grand Master Key System (GMK)

  • Level 4: Great Grand Master Key System (GGMK)

  • Level 5: Great Great Grand Master Key System (GGMK)

  • Maison Master Key System

  • Construction Master Keying (CK)

Dealer of Top Key Systems

The ability to design a High-Security Keying System comes from a delicate professional balance between the right product and well-formed creative experience.

John Barnes is a proud authorised dealer for some of the best key systems in the world. Some of the key systems that John Barnes is a dealer for include:

John Barnes can create and install your master key system and provide support for the implementation and integration of the new keying system into your organisation using a sound key control policy.

This will ensure that our clients can understand, maintain and utilise their new master keying system to its maximum potential.