Modern Identity Theft

Modern Identity Theft

Security needs have changed over the centuries. What was once considered secure in the 1800s is no longer safe from unwanted attention.

Particularly in our fast-moving world of technologies, cyber-crimes have become of significant importance. Identity theft is on the rise and there are things you can do to safeguard yourself against this.

Obviously, changing internet passwords on a regular basis and never storing your passwords on your computer or on internet sites helps. But what about in real life?

A Simple Padlock

Having your personal information stolen from your mailbox is one of the most common and easiest ways for someone to steal your identity. Trying to prove who you are once your identity is stolen is a tough road to travel.

It is proven to be financially-draining, time-consuming, and energy-sapping. Believe it nor not, a relatively cheap cam lock or a simple padlock for your mailbox could make a big difference to your overall security.

Here at John Barnes, we understand the different needs of every household or every different business entities. Visit our showroom to get the right advice on what type of locks that will best suit your needs.